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   Usaquén's Main Plaza located in Bogotá, Colombia.

   Usaquén's Main Plaza located in Bogotá, Colombia.


Usaquén (OO·SAH·KEN) is the first Fusion Colombian Cuisine based in Philadelphia.


Usaquén, a vibrant neighborhood located in the city of Bogotá  is the birthplace of chef Mel Tenorio, and his inspiration for creating a gastronomic experience. Recognizing Philadelphia as a foodie city, Chef Mel saw a void to fill as there was a lack of good Colombian cuisine.  Chef Mel brings his passion for Colombian gastronomy by bringing together a traditional Colombian cuisine with alternating fusion influences.

We have a beautiful corner space in Old Kensington with an open concept kitchen and dining area. This lets us interact with our guest, adding to the dining experience. We welcome you to sample our growing and delicious menu. 


Chef & Owner Mel Tenorio decided to pursue his passion for sharing Colombian delights with more than just friends. Originally creating his Colombian inspired dishes at home, he is venturing out to share his creations with the rest of Philadelphia. He is inspired by annual voyages back to Colombia, each time rediscovering new flavors, styles of cooking, and interpretations of comfort & street foods. He has been determined to share this varied cuisine with Americans, as many are unfamiliar with the many delicious staples of a country abundant in interesting ingredients.